Bay Window Installation

Bay Window Installation

A bay window is described as a window constructed outwards from the wall, similar to a balcony. The name was conceived by the way it forms a bay inside the home.

Benefits of Bay Windows

It is common practice for a bay window to be installed with window seats in order to benefit from any near breathtaking views. Bay windows are available in sleek modern lines as well as antique and Victorian designs which have been popular since the 1870s. This window style still holds much of its appeal to this day.

Because bay windows can greatly increase the flow of natural light in the home, they make rooms feel much larger. They also provide a perfect outside view which would not be possible with the more common flat wall style of window. In most cases, bay windows are fitted with double-hung or casement style window sashes for the best ventilation.

Bay Window Styles

Bay windows are usually between 3 to 6 feet in width and height. Common side angles include 90, 135, and 150 degrees. Most bay windows are polygonal or square. If it is curved it is known as a bow window. If the front is flat and the sides are curved it is known as a canted window. Bay windows supported by a bracket or corbel are known as an oriel windows.

Bay windows are constructed from various materials. The chosen style’s maintenance and upkeep should be considered first before making a final choice on a bay window installation.