Egress Window Installation


The egress window is an emergency exit. Basements can be rather confined when it comes to space and usually only have one entry point. Due to this fact, it carries a hazardous environment classification.

Egress windows were designed to solve this problem as they open up as an emergency exit. They provide a ground-level escape should a fire break out in areas of the home blocking the exits.

egress-windowEgress windows are required in specific areas of the home and, therefore, need to meet a specific size for health and safety requirements. Egress window costs vary and can be found online with some research.

If a room is used as a bedroom it is required to have an egress window no matter which floor it is on. New home construction will require, by code, to have an egress window installed in each room, as part of the cost to install an egress window as it’s seen as law.

Egress Window Requirements

To be classified as an egress window it will need a minimum clear opening of 5.7 square ft. This area covers the space when the actual window is open and not the glass or wall opening size.

Security grills are often installed on the outside. They must be able to open from the inside without the need for keys or tools.

Many homeowners assume a 20 by 24-inch window opening is acceptable, however, this dimension would only create a 3.3 square ft. opening.

The required 5.7 square ft. will need a 20 by 42-inch wide window or 24 by 34-inch wide.