Garden Window Installation

Grandmother-With-Grandson-At-Home Looking-Out-Through Garden-Window

The garden window, in most cases, consists of four side glass panes. These panes extend out from a window opening similar to a bay window. These glass panes on either side, the top, and the front allow for the most light to enter the room.

Garden Window Features

Garden windows often have awnings, side openings, or front sliders. These make the perfect setting for plants and other decorations. Garden windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames. Bring your favorite plants into the home while increasing curb appeal and your home value.

Why Choose a Garden Window?

Garden windows create a greenhouse-type environment by bringing the outdoors inside and opening the visual area of the room. Not only is a garden window functional and energy-efficient, but it also offers a unique look and feels to the interior.

Kitchens have become fashionable and the garden window has become a modern American kitchen feature.

This is owed to how they can improve airflow, light, and space in the kitchen.


Benefits of Garden Windows

A garden window complements any home. They bring in light and allow you to create your own green space. Coupled with a casement window you can greatly increase cross-ventilation while enjoying the scenery.

A vented garden window is energy efficient and allows hot air out in the summer and warmth in during winter. Overall this can reduce your yearly energy costs.

Because garden windows have a three-dimensional appearance, they add something special and unique to the look of your home. They are great for plants and display areas while also providing a wider view of the garden or yard.

Garden windows are perfect for new construction projects or even as a replacement windows.