How Do I Know What Type of Window I Need?


Window replacement is not one of those home maintenance or improvement projects you do every other year. Consequently, very few homeowners know what to look for beyond just choosing a window that fits into the physical opening. While this forms the basis of window selection, knowing a couple of other features to look for will help you identify the right windows for your home quicker and easier.

Know Your Type of Window

Different window types have different aesthetic and psychological effects on your house. Bay or bow windows bulge outwards and are a great way to create a cozy focal point in your home. They let you get the illusion of more space by the way it juts out. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, are versatile and easy to clean since both panes can tip inwards for faster cleaning as opposed to single-hung designs.

If you want to save on space, you will consider slider windows. They save on space by sliding open and shut. Awning or casement windows will save on indoor space but you must have some space outside to accommodate the window when it swings out.


Think Energy Efficiency

With the type of window out of the way, you can begin thinking about energy efficiency and how much UV light protection you will get from your new windows. Windows with a good rating will let you cut down on air conditioning bills since they will keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Combine this with the fact that you won’t need your shutters up all the time. You get windows that look great and you won’t be shy to show off.

Impact Resistance

Since you wouldn’t want to replace your windows very often, you would have done yourself some justice by buying impact-resistant windows.

This doesn’t mean that the windows will shrug off a baseball bat hit but they will be strong enough to absorb a stray football or slight bumps.

In the case of the window breaking, it won’t shatter and splinter creating a huge mess or potential hazard. Cleaning up will also be easier.

Once you have identified the type of window you want for your home, it would be time to shop around looking for the best prices, window replacement brands, and window warranties. A warranty on insulated glass windows could save you a fortune in case of common problems like fogging and other minor replacements along the way. For more comprehensive window cost guide can be found at