How Windows Save Money on Energy Bills


By design, energy-efficient windows save money on energy bills, but how much can windows really save? Here’s what you should know about how much money you could be saving with energy-efficient replacement windows.

There are a number of factors that can affect the amount of your savings. Putting a specific number on your unique situation is difficult without consultation with a window professional. The current condition of your windows will play a major role in the total savings you may see. If your current windows are severely out of date, the amount of savings is going to be significantly higher.

Your current windows may be the cause of your high utility costs due to improper sealing, poor glass quality, repair needs, and natural deterioration.  Your savings will depend on the number and severity of these deficiencies. Regardless of the condition of your windows, replacement windows save money. In general, homeowners can see a reduction in utility costs ranging anywhere from 11  to 24%.

Windows Save Money

Replacement windows offer savings in some unexpected places. Think about this, now that you’ve installed new replacement windows, you likely have improved sealing as well.

This increases your home’s efficiency and decreases the load on your HVAC system during peak usage times. What this means is your system will see less wear and tear during usage, reducing the number and frequency of repair and maintenance needs, costing you less money over time.

If you ever need to replace your heating and cooling system, your new energy-efficient replacement windows will again, provide another unexpected saving opportunity. With a home that’s more energy-efficient, it’s possible you may be able to install a smaller system, possibly saving you thousands.


Additional hidden savings from energy-efficient replacement window installation includes furniture costs. Over the last few decades, innovative techniques have allowed the development of incredibly beneficial Low-E coatings for window glass. This coating significantly reduces the number of UV rays allowed into the home by as much as 75%. These rays are responsible for the fading of furniture, carpeting, artwork, woods, fabrics, and more.

Do Windows Save Money?

The bottom line is this – Replacement windows save money on energy bills. But, regardless of your unique situation, replacement window installation can save you more than just money in the long run!