Sliding Window Installation


A sliding window is practical and affordable. Also known as horizontal windows, they are perfect for any building or home improvement project. Similar to a double-hung window except that they slide open horizontally instead of vertically. Perfect for home and commercial, sliding windows have fewer moving parts and require minimal maintenance.

Sliding Window Benefits

One of the many benefits of sliding windows is that they require no springs or pulleys to operate. Only the window slider occasionally needs lubrication which makes it a very low maintenance window.

Sliding windows are user-friendly, simply release the latch and slide it open. Closing is just as easy and will automatically latch in place once the window is sealed shut.

Sliding windows can be fitted with a wide range of glazing, safety glass, Low-E glass, and double glazings. Flyscreens are easily fitted if you want to keep bugs out.

Installing a sliding window with Low-E glass or double glazing can significantly improve energy efficiency by reducing your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Today’s sliding windows are cheaper, economical, and cost-effective when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Once you install a sliding window, repairs become a thing of the past.